Heavy duty terrain electric vehicle

Designed for work!
High performance in extreme environments!
Smooth driving experience with superb control.
Environmentally friendly & efficient!

Stylish & comfortable

Thoughtfully designed for work!
Stylish appearance and comfortable driving experience cover your daily demanding transportation needs.

Delivers under complex ground conditions

Designed for complex ground conditions, the electric 3MX can take on plateaus, hills, mountains and steep, bumpy roads with ease.
Capable for transporting any material in forests, on country roads and any stressful situation.

ATC All-Terrain Control System

Superior smooth performance.
Adapts perfectly to heavy duty terrains.
Eliminates the steering turbulence caused by bumps.
Safe for the driver and passengers as both a novice and an experienced driver can handle it with extreme ease.

Deliver with high efficiency

The electric 3MX has a highly efficient, large capacity and convenient for loading and unloading cargo bed. Electronically controlled hydraulics allows the user to lift/lower the cargo bed with just one button, thus making loading and unloading even more convenient.

High performance in high-intensity construction environments

The electric 3MX delivers effectively in complex and harsh construction sites alongside materials such as sand, brick and reinforced concrete.