Built for work

Electric, eco-friendly and powerful working anywhere.
Multiple powertrain, cab and cargo box options along with exciting color choices!
Ease at road working with payload and high cargo renderings.
Ideal for Agriculture, Construction, Transportation and Logistics.

Advanced Chassis

Carries up to 1 tone!
Sturdy chassis enhances overall stability.
Uniquely designed to carry any material and handle any stressful situation.

Steady & durable cargo bed tailgate and sideboards

Bottom hinged tailgate and sideboards.
Cabin and cargo bed design render a strong visual impact.
Automatic spot welding ensures safety, steadiness and durability.

Wide product range & customizations

A product range & a variety of customizations addressing customer needs.

One-button electronically controlled hydraulic dumping

Takes only 15 seconds to complete a lift motion.
Battery power can support more than 100 consecutive lifts without charging.
Allows to lift/lower the cargo bed with just one button.

Wide flexibility

Easy maintenance guarantees a reduced total cost of ownership, usage and an increased resale value.
High-quality craft standards.
First-class comfort and control to the experienced and the novice driver alike.
Perfectly suited to both end-users and rental companies.

Designed for your work

Design and industry leading performance.
The electric 3MX is customized with a stylish appearance, a functionally packed, user-friendly interior & with payload / cargo renderings / color options.

Eco-friendly, safe and reliable

The environmentally friendly electric 3MX is simple to operate.
Quiet, safe and reliable.