Design and Comfort

Comfort determines the living standard.
With forward-looking vision and exquisite space layout,
3MX is designed to provide you with a better experience behind the wheel.

LED lighting

Intense lighting lasting a lifetime

Ergonomic Interior

Comfortable and spacious driver experience with convenient control layout

Swingarm Technology

Outperforms conventional forks in durability and shock absorption.

Industrial pioneered Swingarm front suspension, substituting conventional damper

Convenient Cargo bed

The electric 3MX adopts a bottom hinged tailgate and sideboards, convenient for loading and unloading.

Advanced Chassis

Enhances the overall vehicle stability.
Uniquely designed to carry any material and handle any stressful situation.

Electronically controlled hydraulic dumping

Cargo bed can be lifted /lowered within 15 seconds with just one button. Battery power can support more than 100 consecutive lifts without charging